Can someone explain to me their popularity? I’ve been seeing them all over the internet lately. My local Whole Foods is selling bags of them. I even saw them in last month’s Saveur Magazine. As a Kale lover myself (last year, I tasted some Kale at a local 5-star restaurant that completely outshone everything else on the plate), I was looking forward to making these.

Not a hit, unfortunately.

They look like they’re supposed to. Green, crispy, lightly seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper…definitely edible. I don’t think I did anything wrong with these, they just werent to my tastes…and I feel the need to be the one person in the blogosphere who vocalizes her dislike of them. I also tried a batch with balsamic vinegar sprinkled over, which was ok, but still not the boost I was looking for. Overall, not worth all the hype to me. Going to keep looking around, maybe I’ll find another recipe that really works for me. But for now, lets count this in the disappointment category.