I’m a week behind in updates, but I just wanted to share some of the results from my wilton cake decorating class. you’ll recall that, along with my first mention of the course, I shared some very unflattering cookie pictures the other week…..I think I’ve made improvements since then. The first class was mostly information on making frosting and cakes, as well as learning to do a basic star design.

Week two was the first week we played with cake. Here’s mine:

Despite the horrid picture (the cake really was white, y’all!), overall, this was a good first effort. Major Critiques:the zigzag on the bottom was a little wonky as you can tell..I started zigzagging more on the cake board than on the actual cake. Also, lack of a turntable meant that rather than have a steady flow of icing around the cake, I had to constantly interrupt it to shift the cake around with my hands. The border is noticeably interrupted in several places. However, I bought a turntable (hurrah 50% off coupons!) so once I get the hang of that, all should be well. Finally, I think my icing was a little bit too thin….but thats an easy problem to fix in the future 🙂

I’m happy with my cake though! I think it turned out pretty cute 🙂

Week Three was cupcakes decorating….we learned to ice them in a pretty swirl and make pretty flowers to put on them. Once again my icing was weird…wondering what the problem is. The consistency was right, but instead of going on smooth, it all had funny jagged edges. Thinking this is a result of overbeating…next week will try to keep it on lower speeds and see what happens. However, the cupcakes still came out lovely despite it all…here’s a few pictures!

Well, there’s a better-than-last-week picture of them sitting on the dirty table in the classroom….I plan to practice decorating some this weekend and hopefully then I’ll get some better pictures. But here’s a few closeups anyway….you’ll see what i mean about the icing consistency…

those rough edges are what are bothering me.

lol at the “shaggy mum.”

I can’t wait until next week….will be making flowers to decorate my first full-sized cake 🙂 Fingers crossed, wishing for the best!! I have a lot of confidence in this though, looking forward to see what comes out!