This weekend….

I spied some fresh baby figs still ripening amongst the branches.
I uncovered some garlic drying in a sunny corner of the shed.
I hunted for blackberries in the woods and found some….they’ll be ready soon enough. I can almost taste them.I wandered along dappled forest paths……and stopped to admire the delicate Queen Anne’s Lace ruling over the pastures.I tasted honeysuckle, newly budding in the tall grasses.
I peeked through the rows of corn.I anticipated almost-ripened tomatoes on the vine,and looked up at apples dangling precariously above my head.I remembered my childhood perched up in the branches of my favorite tree,and enjoyed cool and creamy homemade cheerwine icecream, served in yogurt cups and (in this case) pimiento cheese cups, in the shade of the porch.

Summer is a time to share with family and friends, to enjoy the world outside and the provisions of nature, to take pleasure in life, and to remember just how very much we are blessed.