Well, gotta start this blog somewhere, might as well be by sharing my latest project.

I’m especially anxious to share this one, too, as I’m very proud of it, and think it’s possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever created.

So now, with no further ado…I introduce the Owl Hoop!

This one is named Cleo. She’s a curious and creative little girl  owl who spends her time spying on other tree inhabitants and making up fantastic stories concerning their daily activities.

And this one is sweet Walter. He is a frequent recipient of Cleo’s silly jokes and stories, but takes it all in stride, occasionally poking back with a bit of fun, himself.

And THIS ONE is Liam Owl, so named because as I was stitching I realized that he bears a striking resemblance to my boyfriend. With his slightly cocked-to-one-side head and wide eyes, he continually looks just a little bit confused. Don’t be fooled though, he’s as intelligent as they come, although still ready to join in the playful banter at first opportunity.

And there you have it….three sweet and silly owls in a tree.

I sent them off to a fellow Craftser.org member as part of an embroidery swap…They were the hardest to part with of any project I’ve made…but confident they are equally well loved in their new home.