I’m sure i’m not the first to realize this, but I’ve just discovered the secret ingredient to perfect pasta.

wait for it…


wait for it…


Bacon Grease.

But then, what is there that a bit of bacon doesn’t make better?

I don’t know, either.

This wasn’t a planned recipe at all, basically what happened was my mom called and said she wanted bacon for supper. Who am I to argue? I threw some in a pan and fried it until crispy. Just as I was about to dump the grease and clean the pan, however, I thought better of it…lots of geat recipes use bacon grease as an ingredient, in place of cooking in butter or oil. Who am I to argue with that, either? so, I dug around in the fridge, found an onion and a bit of garlic, and decided to brown them up in the same pan with the grease. Can’t let the good stuff go to waste.

Then inspiration hit, and I ran out to the garden and picked a tomato, one of my silly little unidentified peppers, and a handful of basil. Chopped everything into fine slivers, threw it in the pan with the onion and garlic.

Seriously, there is nothing finer than cooking out of your own garden. It’s like a fast track to deliciousness.

But what do you do with such a scrumptious mixture? You mix it up with some pasta, of course. I loaded the cooked pasta right into the skillet with the veg and the bacon, tossed it around until it was well coated in the pan juices….and…voila.

I also added a bit of crumbled up bacon to the mix just before serving, and finally, some parmesan. I’m not kidding you when I say this bowl of yum rivaled Macaroni Grill.

(Speaking of which, I recently created a sourdough bread that tastes EXACTLY LIKE the bread served at Macaroni Grill. What is it about me and Macaroni Grill?!)

Overall, massive success in my book.