I’ve actually been doing a lot of crafting this week– it was SO HOT outside, there really wasn’t much else to do but stay inside in the Air Conditioning.Didn’t even want to cook, it was so hot. Stupid North Carolina summers. They’ll kill ya if you’re not careful.

I’ve got quite a few things to share if I ever get around to it…hopefully will get this blog off to a rolling start. But for now, we’ll start with this one 🙂

This little guy is a take-along sewing pouch designed by Angela over at Sake Puppets. I discovered her blog through the tutorial she wrote on Sew Mama Sew, and I’ve got to admit it’s my new favorite thing. I read it start to finish. There are very few things I love learning about more than other cultures, traditions, and ways of life… both in where they differ from my familiar, and also where they’re the same. (perhaps oddly since I’m not an expat myself, I follow a number of expat blogs for this reason). Ang and her husband both do a great job of sharing their lives in Japan in a way that has truly opened my eyes and captivated my interest.I can’t wait to see what they post about next. I hope it’s food. I never realized Japanese food could look so delicious.

ANYWAY, so I made the pouch, and I think it turned out ok.

I made a few changes; namely, I didn’t embroider cuz I wanted to use up some of my owl flannel and didn’t think it needed any more decoration,but I did topstitch around the seams instead. I also nixed the cord due to not wanting to track any down….used yarn instead. I figure if when it gets knotted up, I’ll just pick it out and slip some new yarn in. I had some issues with one of the corners due to a stupid i-swear-i-know-better mistake, but figured since it was just a quick weekend project and not meant to be a perfect masterpiece, as long as things held together and it didn’t look horrible, I couldn’t be bothered to pick it all out and resew. ah well.

Next time I’ll be better.

I also had to make a few cuts so that the pattern would be right-side up on the front and back. No one wants their owls to be upside down, amiright?!

Here’s the view from the inside.

Yeah, I had owl flannel for the lining too.

I have about ten yards of owl flannel.

It’s my collection.


the pouch looks shrimpy since I DID put my biggest scissors in it for demonstration….maybe not such a good idea. In reality, it is a perfect size. Just big enough to hold necessities and stick a few pins, and small enough to shove in my purse and take along to where ever I want to go. I often embroider at work on lunch breaks, carrying everything in a plastic grocery bag….can’t believe it’s taken until now for me to wisen up and make myself a proper pouch to hold things together.

So, That’s that.

Thanks again, Ang!