It’s been a dull few weeks. The heat is making me lethargic; when I get home from work I only want to collapse on my bed, and any thought of cooking, crafting, or gardening immediately flies out the window. Too bad, because I do have lots of things I want to do! I am SO ready for this weekend.

As for the garden, it’s still plugging along, despite the heat. A good showering of rain last week helped a lot–unfortunately the tomatoes split some, but everything else had a nice little growth spurt as a result. Squash is already gone—think it got a bug. That’s disappointing as its the one veggie I can usually count on. Cucumbers are on their way out as well. However, my sweet little eggplant is hanging in there and serving up beautiful fruit every which way…I can hardly keep up!

Unfortunately, my family doesn’t seem to be fans of eggplant, but it’s either eat it or let it waste, so eat it we will. I personally thought my ratatouille was pretty good—the eggplant wasn’t bitter at all as its known to be, instead it had a slightly sweet and delicate flavor paired with a tender texture—overall, delicious.

I made my ratatouille in a casserole dish with eggplant on the bottom, and then layered with other fresh-from-the garden veggies–tomatoes, pepper, the last of the squash, a bit of parsley…such a beautiful, colorful display! I didn’t fully cook the other veggies beside the eggplant before loading them into the dish. I gave them a light saute to gently soften them, but I enjoy a little bit of crispness and decided to rely on the oven baking to gently cook them. Mind you, I don’t like it so crisp that I wonder if it’s even been cooked at all–but I generally want to avoid that so-limp-it’s-falling-to-pieces-on-my-fork effect I often see with cooked veggies. It’s a fine line to tread sometimes! 🙂

Fresh from the oven deliciousness.  Yum!

So, that’s prettymuch the only thing I’ve made this week. Luckily I’ve had some opportunities to sneak into the kitchen at work and practice with the chef. Today brought in some soup recipes from home and prepped them…they’ll be on the menu next week! Also helped prepare a few small things for a tasting that was being arranged for clients. It was a nice, fun, day–not too busy, I learned quite a bit, and am gradually finding my way around the kitchen. One thing I really want to keep in mind as I go forward is to really exercise confidence in myself. Make it work. Ask questions. Follow what you know is right and don’t second guess yourself. use your common sense. Don’t stand around and wait for someone to tell you the next step. It was a little bit awkward at times, perhaps, but I’m quickly getting it together! I did get a compliment on my knife skills—that was a proud moment 🙂 They’re not great, but I do try to get things right and practice them correctly, so I’m happy my efforts were notices 🙂

Alright, that’s really all I have to share for today!

Everyone have a nice weekend!