Well, since I have a few quiet moments to spare, I thought I’d come over here and give a quick update 🙂

This week I worked on a project that I think turned out pretty cool—I will share it eventually 🙂 It’s for the latest craft swap I’ve joined. The theme is “I Love Languages” and my partner is a student of Spanish and Russian (but a lover of just about everything else as well!) so I’m trying to incorporate those two languages into my crafting for her. I just finished the first project. Two more in the works!

I spent some time reorganizing my craft supplies. My closet was just getting out of hand. So, I basically removed all my clothes, took down my hanging bar, and added shelving instead. Here’s the fun results:

well, results so far.

I really like how it’s coming out…I’m not too happy with the closetmaid shelving I got as it does seem pretty cheap and rickety, bu it does the trick so I’m keeping it. The little cubby baskets I found at target and really love them as a convenient way to hold some loose odds and ends snugly and neatly! still a few bits to finish up and organize, but so far so good!

As a result, I’ve also joined a clean-out-your-closet type swap, where i will send some unwanted crafting supplies to someone, and hopefully get something equally cool in return! so far, it seems I’m mostly sending yarn and a few related supplies. I’m glad to be rid of them—wish I’d signed up for another partner to get rid of the rest of my yarn stash! I think I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I’m never going to be interested and devoted enough to crochet or knitting to use it myself, despite my best intentions. Hopefully whoever receives it will enjoy it more 🙂

Plan for tomorrow is to do a bit of planning on the language swap projects so I can finally begin working–I’ve still got about a month of crafting time left so no real hurry, but it does need to get underway soon! I’ll keep y’all posted with progress as it comes along 🙂

Also working on a new banner…maybe I’ll ever get it done. Photoshop is frustrating though, eugh! help!

anyway, off I go, thanks for reading my silly little whims and musings!