Yeah, that’s a new one for the books. And I’m eating it as I write this. It’s really quite alright.

I bought a Yuca Root a week or two ago, intending to experiment with some new ingredients. All was well until I got home and went totally braindead about what to possibly use it for. It really shouldn’t have been so difficult to come up with an idea, as Yuca, once peeled and broiled until soft, is a lot like a potato.

I figured since japanese curries often incorporate both potato and eggplant (and my eggplant just keep coming…I’m honestly waiting for the hot weather to wipe them out but it’s not happening), making a Japanese-style curry would be a great application to use up some of these veggies that have been crowding my crisper.

So, here’s what I did, step by step:

1) Cook some rice.

2) Peel yuca and boil it until tender

3) Start the onion, garlic, and a green pepper cooking in a pot with some olive oil

4) Throw in some carrot, add a shake of curry powder and garam marsala, salt and pepper just to jumpstart the flavor and give the spices a slight toast. Add eggplant.

5) Pour in 2c water. allow this to simmer until all the veggies are soft. once the yuca is nearly soft (i cooked it separately only because it needs significantly longer to cook), you can add it in to the pot as well.

6) Begin your sauce. Having never been to Japan and being not very familiar with Japanese curries other than the one or two I used to buy from the dining hall while in College (iffy), I followed this little recipe for Japanese curry Sauce.

Actually, seeing how half the curry sauce ingredients are already in the dish (onions, garlic, curry, garam marsala, etc…) you could probably plan ahead and save yourself a step here but incorporating everything up front and then just adding the roux to thicken at the end. Next time I’ll remember that.

Also, fun story while I’m on the subject. When I was buying the ginger root a few weeks ago, the little cashier kid nearly tossed it in the trash. When I threw up my hands to stop him, he said, “oh, did you want THAT?!” Well, yes I did, that’s why it’s in my basket. Apparently, despite working in a grocery store, he didn’t know what it was, so I had to explain it was ginger root, and though it might look ugly, it’s definitely edible.

Overall, despite its weird ingredients, not being overly fond of eggplant, and not cooking the yuca QUITE long enough, I’m quite pleased with how this dish came out. It was a fun way to try some new things and I’m already brainstorming for future Japanese curries.