One of my life’s aspirations is to learn another language beside my native English. I love languages, I love observing how they work, comparing similarities and differences, and discovering interesting phrases that give the language dynamism and color. I love expressions of local culture, and the ways language really does help encapsulate the values of society, as we attempt to verbalize the issues and ideas that have meaning and significance in our lives.

Also, I enjoy incorporating languages into my life to commemorate experiences. I am a sucker for anything Polish, which isn’t due to an interest in learning the language, but more because I consider it a tribute to the amazing months i spent living in a shared room just outside Krakow’s Old Town walls. Other languages, such as Arabic, I admire as art.

Unfortunately, I struggled to easily wrestle my ambitions and ideas into my crafting, and it took a lot of research and study before i finally found words and phrases I could use. She said she spoke Russian and Spanish (both of which are unfamiliar to me), enjoys sewing, and likes anything with Lobsters and Peeps on them. So, in the end, that’s what she got.

There were Magnets made from pieces of a map, and greetings from the countries represented. I used Romania, Norway, Greece, Russia, Spain, Ireland, and a few others for variety.

I wasn’t real pleased with how they came out…the mod-podge-y stuff I used started to develop bubbles that was impossible to get rid of, and that was disappointing. Next time I’m definitely gonna just suck it up and invest a few extra dollars in a more quality product and save myself the grief.

Next, I made a take-along sewing bag (almost the same as the owl one I made a few weeks ago, but a little bit more carefully done, and featuring a buttonhole rather than a string. I loved the fabric for this one…it was hard to part with! on the back I’ve embroidered a spanish quote from Picasso (a spanish artist), that says “Todo lo que puedas imaginares es real”; or, “Everything that you can imagine is real.” I thought the If-you-can-dream-it-you-can-do-it message was appropriate for a crafty accessory!

Then there were note cards. After seeing that she liked Peeps chicks, I couldn’t resist incorporating them into some silly designs. the greetings are all standards like “Missing You” and “Happy Birthday” and “Congratulations”, just in other languages. You can probably figure out what they mean based on the illustrations, or at least that’s my hope!

And Finally, the star of the show: the LOBSTER PILLOW. Technically a crawdad, but what are crawdads if not mini-lobsters?! There’s a Russian phrases akin to “When Pigs Fly” that goes “When the Crawdads Whistle Upon a Hilltop” and I just fell in love with the visual! I have to say, I did a really good job on this one. The design is all hand-stitched and embroidered. I also embroidered the quote in Russian on the back. It was a lot of fun to make and got a lot of praise from the forum…I’m starting to think I could go into business making pillows!

Yeah, I’m quite pleased with myself and glad my partner likes it! I hope everything gets a good home with her. 🙂