This little fella appeared hanging on the side of our house the other day. I’m excited he’s positioned himself where I can observe him through his pupal stage, just as I enjoyed his stripy presence on the milkweed during the summer. What a beautiful thing, with his bright green and the specks of gold glistening in the sun…its amazing how even the tiniest creatures are so magnificent and truly awesome, down to the tiniest detail….even without the help of expensive eye creams, workout regimes, special diets, and self-help books….

Also, lest we continue to underestimate the magnificence of caterpillars, I have to add that this tiny fellow evidently crawled down from his perch on the milkweed, crossed 20 feet of lawn and 3 feet of pavement, then ascended another four feet up the side of our house before he found himself this perfect little enclave in which to make himself at home. Now, how did this little caterpillar, before setting off from the comforts of his milkweed stalk, know there was a perfect place for him to nest just a ways to the west? I imagine he didn’t. He certainly didn’t know how far he’d have to travel before getting there, nor did he know that he would ever make it safely to his destination. The world is full of danger to a caterpillar. But he came down from his stalk all the same, and braved the world, because that is what caterpillars are made to do. The reward for his efforts is that he will soon turn into one of the finest insects God made, a Monarch Butterfly.

Does being a caterpillar require leaps of faith? I don’t know, but being human sure does. Perhaps we should all be a little bit more like caterpillars.