I know Eggplant soup sounds a bit weird, even with the addition of tomatoes, but you’ll have to trust me on this one. It was DELICIOUS.

I have a garden overflowing with eggplant, and haven’t really found a particular method of preparing them that I really love. Some were ok, some were just edible…at least one was downright bad. But the great thing about making soup is, even if it calls for an ingredient you have trouble digesting on its own, it might turn out to be a fantastic complement to something else, and when blended they’ll skyrocket together into the land of pure amazingness.

Of course, sometimes you’ll find yourself in the land of disgustingness, but since that wasn’t the case this time, we won’t talk about that.

Here’s the soup in the pot. Ingredient list was pretty simple, mostly from the garden. 1 eggplant (wish I’d thrown in another one too), a couple tomatoes, half an onion, and some garlic all tossed in oil and roasted in the oven until soft. Once out of the oven and cool  enough to handle, i peeled the eggplant. Then, into the pot it went, along with some garden-fresh thyme, basil, and a bit of salt and pepper.

Here’s the soup after the thyme stems were fished out and the rest took a spin through the food processor, and given a splash of milk. I also gave it a sprinkle of cinnamon at this point….cinnamon and tomato soup make quite happy compliments.  The eggplant taste was impossible to pick out, but I believe it made some great textural contributions.

This is the refill (I went back to seconds) where I decided I should throw in a handful of frozen spinach. also advised if you’re like me and don’t trust meals that don’t have a bit of green in them.

A great way to use up some garden produce, and will probably appeal to even the most picky eaters (provided they like a basic tomato soup).