Everyone who is even remotely tuned in to the world of cooking blogs has seen Mini Lasagnas by now. They took the internet by storm—-Afterall, who can resist saucy bite-sized bundles of cheese and pasta? Right, no one.

I wanted to make the mini lasagnas, and maybe I still might one day. However, I can’t quite justify buying a whole tub of ricotta just to use a few spoonfuls worth to fill a couple little muffin cups. Instead, I realized that the idea of using wonton wrappers might be a great way to repackage leftovers into something fresh and interesting. For example, ever found yourself in one of those tricky situations where you’ve run out of taco shells before you’ve run out of filling? Right, well, next  time don’t throw away the excess, just save it for mini tacos! Of course, it helps to have wonton wrappers (left over from a failed potsticker experiment) also coincidentally on hand, but if you don’t…..won ton wrappers are totally worth buying just to fill a couple muffin cups 🙂 Plus, you can always freeze the extras for later use.

Anyway without further ado:: Taco Minis.

From This….

…To This.

Press won ton wrappers into a lightly greased cupcake/muffin pan. Two wrappers per taco mini. Fill with all your favorite taco fillings–seasoned meat, beans, rice, cheese, salsa…Easy as pie.

Three taco minis per person, served with Mexican rice and a salad, is easily enough to make a satisfying meal, but these would make excellent appetizers or game-day snacks as well. They’re a neat and tidy way to bundle messy foods into single-serving, bite-sized portions for parties and appetizer plates. Fill them with something elegant such as a shrimp and scallop risotto, or perhaps with a bite of good ol’ Carolina BBQ topped with a zesty homemade slaw. You could also go the direction of sweets, and use these crispy wrappers as a vehicle for carrying lemon curd topped with fresh berries, pie filling, or even with a baklava-inspired blend of chopped nuts and honey.

Thinkin’ outside the bun, that’s all 🙂