When I learned that someone had flaked in the Craftster Owl Swap, I jumped at the chance to fill in and provide a fun owl-themed package for the poor swapper who hadn’t received. In hindsight, I’m not sure why I didn’t sign up for this swap initially, especially seeing how I have ten yards of owl-print flannel that I desperately need to use…but I’m glad I got the opportunity anyway 🙂

Here’s what resulted::

1) Super adorable Owl pillow. I love how his face turned out! The skinny beak was pretty unintentional, but in hindsight, it’s adorable, and really “makes” him. The fabric is actually remnants from the infamous Lobster Pillow, and I think they worked really well! I was planning to put wings on him, but I think he is just fine without. The buttons were salvaged from a box of vintage notions gifted to me by my grandmother.

2. The Owl Stamp. I was super proud of this one–prior to this I hadn’t done any sort of printmaking since high school, but once I got started, everything went smoothly. He turned out great!! I even attempted to glue him onto a wooden plate so he will be easier to use. I hope she finds lots of opportunities to use him 🙂

3. Yet ANOTHER take-along sewing bag, this time with a matching needle book. Of course, making good use of that owl flannel again. Thanks again to Angie at Sake Puppets, I’m making great use out of her tutorial for these. I’ve made great use of mine, and think they’re totally versatile little bags for carrying around any sort of odds and ends, so there’s no reason anyone couldn’t find a good use for them 🙂

4) Magnets. My partner specified that she’d love some good magnets. Undaunted by my last magnet-making experience (wow, I didn’t realize before how much what I made for this swap mirrors the Language Swap!), I decided to try again. I used glitter craft paint and cut the owls out of scrapbook paper. Used the same modpodge product, and it seemed to have much less bubbles this time. I think I must have got the hang of it. I didn’t get a good picture of all of them together, but here’s two for a sample 🙂 cute, aren’t they!
Happy Crafting!