I’ll admit it; I have an absurd number of blogs floating around out there on the internet. I love creating headers and putting together layouts, picking color schemes…Each blog is born of great plans to share all the presumably remarkable things floating around in my head regarding whatever my latest obsession happens to be. Art, music, food, travels, I’ve got them all covered. However, I am not a very dedicated blogger,  my obsessions tend to end as quickly as the begin (which is perhaps for the best), and as a result most of my blogs are standing empty.

I created this blog about a year ago in an effort to make one blog “home” where I could talk about anything I wanted in hopes of avoiding my usual downfall of just losing interest in my subject about a month after committing to blogging about it. Unfortunately it was not to be, and this blog also fell by the wayside…until NOW.

So I’m back, ready to give my best attempt at conquering this blogging thing once and for all, but with a few major life changes that will definitely affect the direction of my writing…..

First and foremost, I’m moving to Paris.

No, not the one in Texas. Imean it. Stop asking silly questions people.

Second of all, I will probably be posting more about cooking than crafting while I’m in Paris because youvegottobekiddingme if you think I’m going to lug my hoards of craft supplies across an ocean when I have a one-suitcase limit. That, and the fact I’ll be studying at one of France’s leading professional training schools for the culinary arts. Expect lots of “what I made in class today” type posts and pictures.

Third of all, despite the blog name I won’t be living in a petite chaumière,  or any type of chaumière I’m sorry to say. Instead I will be living in a small room in a small flat on a street that was named in honor of the stench given off by the prostitutes who loitered there in centuries past. Romantic city indeed.

That aside, its perfectly located right in the heart of old Paris, in a fantastic neighborhood with lots of trendy shops, markets, cafes, galleries, baguettes, and cheese.

I move in 6 weeks.

If you want to know more of how this came about, I managed to dig up an old post that I wrote as I was in the process of making this decision to go to Paris. You can read about it here. It’s an interesting read for me to revisit some of my thoughts from the beginning, and remind myself why I’m doing this. After so many months of agonizing over Visas and recommendation letters and the stacks of paperwork, I’ve almost lost sight of the end result. I’ve finally reached a point where most of the big stuff is taken care of and I can start to relax, get excited, and just enjoy the ride. It’s also interesting to see how my perspective of work in the kitchen has changed over the past year. When I wrote that post I was really just starting out; I’d been working in foodservice for a little while, but didn’t have any solid cooking experience yet. Now that I’ve had a chance to really immerse myself and work the line every single day and to personally experience the good, bad, and ugly (rather than just repeat heresay), I can provide a much more well rounded view of what I’m in for. Still, not much has changed, and despite my petty complaining I love going to work every day.

Hard to believe that it’s been a full year since i wrote that post, a long year at that.  Also hard to believe that Paris is really going to happen. I’m not sure I would have believed it then that I’d actually be so bold to follow through on this. But then again, I really do stand by the proverb that fortune favors the bold; sometimes you’ve just got to take action and do something crazy to get what you want in life.

There’s really not much else to say at this point, I will do my best to keep this blog updated regularly with records of my experiences and musings as I progress on this little adventure and discover the wonders of Paris. I encourage anyone who comes across this blog to leave a comment with questions, comments, or recommendations of favorite things to do in Paris!

Au Revoir!