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My number one rule of blogging is never to delete posts. Instead, I just start over–akin to flipping to the next page of your journal but not tearing out the page you wrote before. I know that 90% of the time, even if I decide not to publish it, what I’ve written expresses something that I want to say and want to remember, and may well want to read again someday. Blogging for me is a diary of sorts, partially public, partially private, an way to communicate with myself as much as it is for others.

As it happens, though, I just hit the delete key on an entire post. On purpose.

Yeah, it was honest, heartfelt, and well-delivered. It also sounded like a eulogy.  And yknow, “Funereal” is not really the tone I want to leave with as I move on to the next adventure. Afterall, I FULLY EXPECT YOU GUYS TO BE ALIVE AND WAITING WHEN I COME HOME. So, instead of writing an epitaph to our time together, I decided to steal pictures off of facebook and post them instead. I figure it shows us in a much more honest light, and frankly, THIS is how I want to remember you guys and our time together in the Lenovo kitchens.

This is Chris and Alejandro. No idea why Chris is dancing, but judging from Alejandro’s expression, he’s thinking, “gringos. why you always so crazy??”  then cue Jose across the room, “Crazy. ALL THE TIME!” Can’t begin to count how many times I’ve heard them tell me “gringos crazy” (among other hysterical catchphrases in constant circulation), and I’m going to miss it.

me, Alejandro, and Chris on my last day of work.

This is sadly the only picture I’ve got with Jose. LOL. him dusting the top of the pizza ovens, me holding the camera over my head and snapping away from the opposite side of the counter. Need instruction in how to take a great picture? LOOK NO FURTHER. Am I even looking at the camera?

Just posing with the loony bin. Anthony could scare the daylights out of someone with a stare like that. Ana, silly as usual 🙂 Looks like I’m holding a chip I snuck out of that tub back there, which would also be “as usual.”

another incarnation of Ana…I really love this picture. It just seems so characteristic of the workplace dynamic. Mostly everyone is nice and friendly, but there’s always SOMEONE doing something weird.

I’m not even sure I want a normal picture with you guys lol.


lol. This is the picture Anthony took of me doing my Final Mop on the last day of work.

The Final Mop should totally become tradition.

I fully expect to continue this post with more photos as the become available (POST, People, POST) of my last day party and our mexican fiesta, in which some of us showed ourselves at our most obnoxious, drank a lot of margaritas, got moved to a far corner of the restaurant, and just generally had an amazing time giggling loudly at stuff I can’t even remember now.
Seriously though I’ve been so lucky to work with you guys. There’s been ups and downs for sure, but through it all it’s been a great experience working at Lenovo, I’ve learned so much, and I’ve always enjoyed coming to work each day and hanging out with you guys.   I fully expect to be friends forever 😛 I hope so anyway. You’ve all been amazing friends and so encouraging to me. Just the fact I’m even writing this post right now shows what an impact you’ve all had on my life.

So, Til we meet again, much love and best wishes to all of you— Ana Alejandro Chris Genevieve Stephanie Kelsey Michael Connor Sean Donald Preston Jose Kevin Orlando Sophia Anthonys 1 & 2 Polly Eddie and Bryan  🙂 (and if I forgot anyone, you too lol)