One thing that’s always been true of me is that I have lots of ideas, but at all the wrong times. If i’m in bed, out walking, driving, in class, or any other time i’m either without a pen and paper, I develop a magical ability to conceive the perfect thesis for a blog post. These thoughts–eloquent and insightful though they may be–rarely hang around long enough for me to capture them effectively.

Its like seeing a ghost. For a brief second the being is so clear, but just as you try to grasp it, it becomes just a wisp in the air.

Not that I’ve ever seen a ghost.
Point being, I’ve managed to live (or merely survive, as the case may be) in Paris for nearly two and a half weeks without jotting down so much as a single word.

I’m giving you this post not to explain myself, or to even give the expectation that I’ll ever actually take the time to go back and elaborate on half a month’s worth of events, but more to get myself back in the habit of writing and to give myself a place to start from. So, you can look forward to a lot more posts from me in the near future! I’ve got some pictures and of course stories to tell. If you like, you can click on the link in the left-side column to follow me, and get my posts sent directly to your email each time I write.
And of course, I look forward to reading your comments and reactions along the way 🙂


Love Jenny