**Note: this post is going up a week late. sorry. will post again with this week’s food tomorrow**

I’m not really sure what this week’s theme is…The dishes we made aren’t really meals or main courses, but perhaps could be components to a nice appetizer. They were especially nice because, for the most part, no use of stove was required, so we got a nice week-long break from scrubbing the stove.

As usual, Monday was pastry day. On the menu was Quiche Lorraine and Creme Caramel. Neither was new to me, but since those are both things I like to eat, I was pretty happy to make them again.

Unfortunately my quiches were the first to go in the oven (aka, all the way in the back…last ones out) so they got a little bit too brown. They were still delicious though. I had them for supper all week.

Tuesday was another fish day, but the last one for a while. Thank goodness. I was starting to think I’d never wash the fish smell of of me. We each started with a couple of trout to clean, which we turned into trout tartare. Nothing about trout  tartare sounds appealing to me. I think we just got trout instead because it was relatively cheap and they don’t want to let us ruin prime pieces of fish. At least it looks pretty.

We also cleaned our salmon, which we have been curing and smoking all week. I’m starting to worry they will never be done.

Mr. Salmon, what nice teeth you have. He was so much prettier before I cut his fins off.

half the salmon was coated in crushed dill, and then packed in a salt-sugar mixture to cure.

The other half was just salted (this was washed off after a couple hours) and then smoked.

Chef explaining the process. We did it in the oven–the fish were put at the top, and directly underneath them was a pan of ice. at the bottom we put the smoking-hot wood chips.

I’m not really sure what’s left to be done now that the salmon have been smoked…we haven’t got to  taste it yet though.

We practiced making salads, too. This wasn’t too exciting. We basically just marinated vegetables and practiced julienning them.

Friday’s class was the best one this week, which was sort of surprising since I kind of expected it’d be dull. The subject was grains—couscous, quinoa, and some type of wheat. We had recipes, but the chef didn’t particularly care if we used them, so he let us divide all the produce on the cart amongst ourselves and do whatever we wanted. I loved it. Can’t say everything I made turned out amazing, but it’s still fun to try and be creative. Unfortunately I still don’t have a picture of this dish (my camera died) but hopefully a friend will send me a picture she took soon. If she does, I’ll post it on a later post.

Overall an easy week. Thursday was our trip to Rungis so we only had 4 days of class, nothing too messy or complicated. Personally I think that 4 days of class a week is just the right amount……if only I could convince the administrators of that….