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I would like to do a fun little Halloween post today, but  I can’t because in France we don’t care about Halloween. The closest things I’ve seen  are a Halloween-themed sandwich at a train station snack stand (It was turkey, I guess that’s seasonal) and a poster for Frankenweenie in the metro.

Really, Tim Burton? Call me skeptical but…a story about Frankendogs in love?? Really? I can’t believe this was worth a remake.

Seriously, my local Monoprix didn’t have a single shelf dedicated to fun-sized candy bars. A real shame, imagine how much you could rake in trick-or-treating in a place with the population density of Paris. These kids are missing out on something BIG.

Anyway, we’ve moved on to Christmas already. Santa and snowmen are lining the aisles. I nearly bought an Advent calendar, before I reminded myself that no one needs a candy-filled advent calendar sitting around a month in advance. It was stuffed with Kinder eggs, though, which means I’ll probably be back for it tomorrow.

So, since I can’t write a halloween post, I’m just going to show you pictures of what we did in school this week, instead. We’ve got a short week due to a government holiday tomorrow, but we spent our 3 days working on 3 fall-themed catering displays. I thought this was great fun, especially since it’s something I’m already pretty familiar with. A few classmates criticized that Chef Antoine’s style is a little dated, but I don’t care, I think it’s beautiful nonetheless.

my contribution—the crackers are made with root vegetables and the “soup” is sweet potato and passionfruit, topped with a skewered shrimp and a little sweet potato chip.

lesson learned the hard way: those are marinated quail eggs, not candy.

Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone!