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IMG_0789A few weeks ago, we all enjoyed a great presentation of citrus fruits, given by one of the premier growers in France (and perhaps the world), Monsieur and Madame Bachès.  We will probably never again have the opportunity to see so many specimens of citrus together. Not that I usually grow so sentimental over things like citrus, but it really was a rare opportunity. And to hear from someone who really knows–REALLY knows–all about them was incredible. I wasn’t really expecting much, but it was super interesting and informative, and I can’t help but share some of it in photos.

IMG_0792 Look how thick the rind is on that one.
IMG_0794 Just a few of the many shapes, sizes, and colors of citrus. Did you know that most limes actually ripen to yellow? We pick them before they reach their full maturity. No wonder the french call limes “citron vert”, or the “green lemons.” IMG_0795 IMG_0797these two pictures show blood oranges that have been left on the tree for various amounts of time. I believe the darkest one was left a whole year. It was interesting how the flavors and textures changed along with the appearance.IMG_0798 citrus caviar. cut the fruit in half, squeeze gently, and the little balls of flesh pop right out. Amazing culinary potential (or just a fun snack on some yogurt, I imagine) IMG_0801 IMG_0802 Chef William Ledeuil (himself a graduate of Ferrandi and now the chef at Ze Kitchen Galerie, where, incidentally, I nearly went for my internship) came to demonstrate how he uses citrus in some of his recipes. IMG_0804

How lucky to be able to appreciate the beauty and diversity of these fruits.