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I’ve never really lived by myself before. There’s always been parents, roommates, or crazy landladies around—keeping me company even when I didn’t want to be kept company. Now, being completely by myself day in and day out (aside from the few hours a day spent at work) and with nothing much to do, the quiet and the Friends reruns are making me crazy.

Today, I finally broke and spent most of the afternoon wandering around Hobby Lobby and resisting the urge to buy paint by number sets and cross stitch kits, before finally hitting on an idea. I’ll spare you the play-by-play, but I am on my way toward a full living room remodel. To kick it all off, $5 and a couple hours later, my coffee table now looks like this:

IMG_1793It’s just a $15 chipboard table from Walmart, so I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into making it amazing and durable. I figure if all the paint chips off tomorrow, so be it. But it was fun, and for the moment I think it looks pretty good 🙂

Off again to find some other things I can paint on….