IMG_2245IMG_2243I love the landscape of the mountains, but the great thing about living in a flat  city is you can usually get a really good view of the sunrise. No mountains gettin’ in my way anymore.

I took these two from our 9th Floor Cafe a little after 7am, just as the sun began to peek out over the horizon. Yes, there’s a pool table. and ping pong tables, and air hockey. Those Red Hat employees have no room for complaints.


IMG_2233-001This is a picture of my new kitchen so far. We passed our health inspection today and got in our first big order of food, so we’ll be ready to start cooking tomorrow! In other words, we’ll be learning how to use our giant, super fancy combi ovens (which totally make that little range in the corner look like an antiquated dwarf appliance…in fact, don’t even look at it, it’s about to be replaced with a flattop) before opening for real next week. I guess some of us food-service employees really can’t complain, either.