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There’s a video making the rounds on facebook (ironically), reminding people to LOOK UP from their phones and be present with the world. It’s a good reminder, but I’ve had a proper “smart phone” for just over two weeks now, and I’ve yet to understand exactly what it is people are looking at all the time. Don’t get me wrong–I spend plenty of time on my computer with not much to show for it, but when it comes to phones and their tiny screens and their difficult “keyboards”, I’m not really finding the appeal.

However, there is one phone feature that I have been making good use of, and that is my new phone’s camera. It’s nice to have something always handy, that isn’t bulky and doesn’t take up any extra room in my pocketbook. As a result I’ve been going around snapping wildy at everything for the past two weeks. In fact, the camera was pretty much the only reason I upgraded at all, I knew my trusty little point-and-shoot, which captured nearly 10 years of  my life on film memory card, was nearing the end of it’s life span and I didn’t see the point in investing in a new point-and-shoot when phones these days seem to take good enough pictures for my purposes (aka, Just For Fun)…and do about a million other things too. So, I caved and got one.

Anyway, 95% of these pictures I’ve been taking with my new phone are of flowers I think are nice, but lately the photo roll has been dominated by small animals that I find to play with annoy. These mostly include toads, lizards, squirrels, and various insects I dig up around the backyard and force to pose. Some of you may have seen this grumpy toad buddy  I found and  posted on facebook last week:toady

I was pretty impressed with the photo quality (for a phone!!) so I set out to find more disgruntled pets to practice my photo-taking skills on.

I didn’t really take these pictures with the intention of sharing, but after I stalked a pair of roly-polys today I thought the pictures were kinda fun so here they are. Plus, they totally prove the point that every picture is improved just by having a little bit of life in it…even a life as small as a bug.rolypoly 5rolypolyrolypoly2

roly poly 4Now, If anyone has suggestions of better things I could be doing with my phone, please let me know because so far, pictures of roly-polys has just about been my favorite thing to look look at.